Formed in 2013, Friends of Foes is an indie-alternative band based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Consisting of founding members Keegan Stretch and Matt Stinn and more recent member Danielle Huot, late 2018 will see the release of their second full-length album. While forming connections with fans of all musical tastes and backgrounds, their sound has developed into a mixture of atmospheric tones, sultry guitar riffs, catchy, alluring vocals, and tight, groovy drum lines.

Matt B&W

Having already shared the stage with Canadian heavy-weights We Are The City, Royal Canoe, Rah Rah, Zerbin, and Saskatoon bands such as The Pistolwhips, Parab Poet & the Hip Hop Hippies, Slow Down Molasses, The Young Benjamins, Acronyms, Gunner and Smith, Castle River, The Classy Chassys, and many more, Friends of Foes has the stage presence to back up their boisterous sound. Collaboratively, the three members of the band write all the original material that the band performs.

Friends of Foes has released a full length album, two stand-alone singles, and an EP in their five years together. In 2018, the band has released two tracks off of their upcoming album. You can find all FOF‘s released music here.


In the last four years, Friends of Foes has embarked on several tours throughout Canada. The band is thankful to Creative Saskatchewan for their support of some of these touring activities. Friends of Foes is always on the move, so check out their upcoming performance dates here.

Keegan B&W

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